After several years spent working in web marketing for a multinational company, I now support the digital initiatives of small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland. I help you build your website, content, newsletters and Adwords campaigns. I can also help you with your texts. My business model differs from that of most web agencies in Switzerland because the developers and designers I work with are based elsewhere.

The Web has always been a global phenomenon. It knows no borders which means developer and designer skills are available elsewhere. I built this website working with a dynamic team from India.

So if you’re looking for simple and effective web solutions, please get in touch. I’m convinced we’ll find solutions simple, creative solutions that will suit your needs.

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The technical prowess of the teams I work with guarantees your website will meet the latest web standards and all your digital needs, at a very competitive price. I work with WordPress, an easy-to-use and powerful content management system, which also happens to be free. It is updated regularly by a worldwide team of web-enthusiasts and ensures maximum safety and stability to the websites built with it.


What are you trying to say? What’s the core message? Who are you talking to? We will answer these questions together to beef up your writing for the Web. I provide writing services in English and French and other languages can easily be translated. Writing is a pleasure and a professional competence I provide as I certified writer in corporate communications and public relations. My diploma was delivered by the Swiss Public Relations Institute (SPRI).


Does French send you into a tailspin? Does “Bonjour, comment allez-vous”? make you sweat? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Please send me your text and I will translate it swiftly into French at a competitive price. French and English are both my mother tongues, which I use daily at work. I can also translate short texts from German to French or from German to English. So why not choose the easy way out and get in touch?


Finding it hard to manage your website’s content? Nevermind! Let me handle this sometimes tedious task for you. I can manage content in French, English and German. I can update your texts, pictures and videos as long as I understand what you are aiming to do with your website, so as to align your content with your online objectives. So don’t hesitate any longer and send me a message now!


Use the newsletter to get your news out. Present your products, expertise and know-how by sending newsletters to your clients and prospects. A newsletter has to offer special content and calls-to-action. We will design it, code it and use the excellent Mailchimp platform for sending, managing contacts and unsubscribes. Ideally, it would be good if your Mailchimp account were connected to your website’s newsletter subscription form so as to avoid double work in dealing with your subscriber’s data.


You can spend a fortune on a banner campaign that will irritate most people. You can also treat yourself to an expensive ad in the local newspaper, which most readers will not want to see. Or you can use Google Adwords to showcase your products and services to those who will actually be interested in them while keeping a tight control over your costs. Adwords is the gold standard of targeted and measurable online marketing and I am Google Adwords certified !


French to English translation of a 50-page building description of a professional cooking facility in Geneva.

Setup of several adwords campaigns for Simonin Electroménager, a home appliance retailer in Geneva. Cost and performance monitoring as well as optimization of all keywords and relevant parameters.

Setup of several adwords campaigns for Fynaroc Patrimoine, a wealth management company. Cost and performance monitoring as well as optimization of all keywords and relevant parameters.

Development of a new website for the Centre Socioculturel de la Bourdonnette, in Lausanne.

Translation of technical texts for the centre médico-dentaire de Balexert website, a dental company in Geneva. Aim: inform patients about various issues related to dental care procedures. Translation from French to English.

Design and development of newsletters for Fynaroc Patrimoine, a wealth management company. Setup of the Mailchimp account, design, HTML development, import of all prospects data, sending and reporting.

Development of a popup and web page to showcase the launch of a new commodity trading software. Design and development based on print assets.

Design of a flyer to advertise the Olympique de Genève FC football camps. Graphic design, texts and registration form. Dimensions as per the client’s requirements.

Design and development of a website for Mosports, official importer of the Macron sportswear in Switzerland. Presentation of the products, partnerships and setup of a simple contact form for potential clients.

Advertorial for Simonin Electroménager, a home appliance retailer in Geneva. Photo shoot of the offices and showroom, pictures used in advertorial.

Development of a new website for Cuisinelle SA, a kitchen designer and builder in Geneva

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Production of a brochure for a kitchen designer in Geneva. Project management, drafting and coordination with all parties involved.



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